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Volume 28

Issue 1  

Spring Song


Unjusa Temple


William Franke's On What Cannot Be Said: Apophatic Discourses


LDS Authors for Young Adults: A Portfolio


Eschatology and Textuality in Levinas


Written Redemption: Epitaphs as Intercessory Emblems in Daoist Funerary Ritual


A Minister's Loss of Faith in Elizabeth Strout's Abide with Me


Remembering Budeuk


Tomorrow's Hangover

Volume 27

Issue 2  

"Placing" the Spiritual Metaphors of Contemporary Women Writers: Sue Monk Kidd and Kathleen Norris


Beauties, Beasts, and Reviving Mythic Sensibility in Frankenstein and The Time Machine


Rereading "Christabel"


Ascent, Continuance, Immersion: Hope in the poetry of Denise Levertov


The Radiant Astonishment of Existence: Two Interviews with Marilynne Robinson, March 20, 2004, and February 9, 2007




Who Shall Live

Issue 1  

Memories of May


Lewis P. Simpson: A Compassionate Chronicler of a Vanishing Civilization


Ezili and the Subversion of the Holy Virgin in Edwidge Danticat's Breath, Eye's Memory


Redemption, Order, and the Undoing of Plot in Samuel Beckett's Molloy


The BBC "Man of Law's Tale": Faithful to the Tradition


"Patches of Godlight": C. S. Lewis as ImaginativeWriter


Seeking Salvation in a Naturalistic Universe: Richard Wright's Use of His Religious Background in Black Boy (American Hunger)


Frederick J. Ruf's Bewildered Travel: The Sacred Quest for Confusion


What Existence


The Poppy




East of the Old Brickyard Quarry, Eden


The Snow of Things

Volume 26

Interview with Elie Wiesel


Transcending the Literary: Aggadic Elements in Elie Wiesel's Tales


Jesus' Cross in Elie Wiesel's Night


"The past became the present": Reenactments of Trauma in Elie Wiesel's The Gates of the Forest


Elie Wiesel: Second Degree Witness


The Absent Presence in Elie Wiesel's Autoethnographies


Elie Wiesel and I. L. Peretz


Afterword: More Than a Mentor: Elie Wiesel at Boston University


Peter J. Schakel's The Way into Narnia: A Reader's Guide


Davis W. Houck and David E. Dixon's Rhetoric, Religion, and the Civil Rights Movement, 1954–1965.


Arioso on Wings


At the Thriftway


In the Historic Cemetery in Hillsborough, NC


Wishful Thinking


Jesus' Final Oration at The Last Supper


Blind in Saint Peter's

Volume 25

Carlyle and Divinity Hall


Carlyle, Irving, and the Problematics of Prophecy


Thomas Carlyle, Edward Irving, and Millennialist Discourse


Goethe: Carlyle's Spiritual Guide


Carlyle's Religion: The New Evangel


"History is a Real Prophetic Manuscript": Reason and Revelation in Thomas Carlyle's Historical Essays


The Tailor's Tailor: Thomas Carlyle's Jesus Christ


"Eternity in the vesture of Time": Carlyle, Thermodynamic Discourse, and Apocalyptic Anxieties


"Vocables, Still Vocables": Linguistic and Religious Despair in Thomas Carlyle's Latter-Day Pamphlets


"Spiritual Optics?" or Carlyle's Gospel: A Revised Version


A Skeptical Elegy as in Auchtertool Kirkyard


Thomas Carlyle's Draft Essay on the Mormons


"A Tragical Position": Carlyle, Turgenev, and the Religion of Revolution in the Nineteenth Century


God-Intoxicated Men: Religion and Drunkenness in Carlyle's Works


Anxious Allusions: The Bible in Thomas Carlyle's Correspondence


Carlyle's Agnosticism: An Altar to the Unknown and Unknowable God


"Every Man Must Get to Heaven in His own Way": Thomas Carlyle, Frederick the Great, and the God of History


The Carlyles and St. Luke's, the Chelsea Parish Church


Beyond "The Hero as Prophet": A Survey of Images of Islam in Carlyle's Works


"Unfold your self": Kenneth J. Fielding and Carlyle Studies, 1988–2004

Volume 24

Sigrid Undset: Modern by Surprise


Forgotten Gestures, Perennial Meanings


William Faulkner's Map of the Unseen World, Yoknapatawpha County


Moral Sentiment and Redemption in Faulkner's "Borrowed Gothic," Requiem for a Nun


Probing the Modern Heart: Natsume So¯seki's Kokoro


Religion Reconsidered: Redemption andWomen's Emancipation in Xu Dishan's "The Merchant'sWife" and "Yuguan"


Ivan Ilych in the Jim Crow South: Carson McCullers and Leo Tolstoy


Caught in the Nets: James Joyce's Intimate Portraits


Henry James's The Ambassadors and the Christian Redemption Myth: "How Neatly Extremes May Sometimes Meet"


The Wings of the Dove and the Critics


Virginia Woolf's Spirituality: "We are the words; we are the music"


Reading "News from God" in Reynolds Price's Good Hearts


Strange Capabilities: Grace, Space, and Modernism in the Short Fiction of Flannery O'Connor and Leo Tolstoy


Christian Evaluation and Moral Action in George Eliot's Middlemarch


Thomas Mann's The Holy Sinner: A Translation for Modern Times?


From Arnold to Eagleton to Oehlschlaeger: "Sweetness and Light" in a Postmodern World


To Teresa of Avila



Volume 23

Issue 2  

Interview with Adam Zagajewski, 24 January 2003


Learning from Atlanta: Prophecy and Postmodernism in Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood


"There Is No There There": The Spiritual Magnetism of Place in Norris's Fiction


Dostoevsky's Hell on Earth: Examining the Inner Torment of the Underground Man, Raskolnikov, and Ivan Karamazov


Reviving Spirit: "Illth" and Health in Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit


"Repentance" and May Swenson's Return to the Faith


May Swenson's Spiritual Quest


Rebirth and the Spiritual Frontier in the Poetry of May Swenson


Roger Lundin's There Before Us: Religion, Literature and Culture from Emerson to Wendell Berry.


Russell Kirk's The Essential Russell Kirk: Selected Essays


Roger Lundin's Emily Dickinson and the Art of Belief, 2nd Edition




Dylan Thomas at Sundown


Virgin Mary, Mother of God in Her Niche at St. James


Going for a Walk in Scotland on Sunday Morning




I Find the Messiah


On a Seldom, if Ever, Remarked and Difficult but Rewarding Application of Forgiveness


The Wings of the Dove: "Across Wide Spaces and Bristling Barriers"


Through the Veil: Flannery O'Connor, Dante, and Medieval Exegesis


Spiritualizing the Domestic Sphere: "Infinite Affirmation" in the Inward and Outward Journeys of E. M. Roberts's The Time of Man


Willa Cather and Pierre Puvis de Chavannes: Extending the Comparison


Subversion and Containment in Orson Scott Card's Xenocide


The Grace of Graham Greene (1904–1991):A Centenary Reflection


The Exquisite Corpse


This Hearth, This Narrow Bed




Passionate Enlightenment



Issue 1  

"Close to Religious Aspirations": Notes on John Haines's poetry


"God-Wrestling" as Postmodern Rhetoric in the Work of Three Contemporary American Poets


Finding God in the Desert: The Landscape of Belief in Three Modern Mormon Classics


Women's Response to the Great Plains: Landscape as Spiritual Domain in Kathleen Norris and Sharon Butala


Sam Davis: Ethical Comstock Humorist


Sherwood Anderson's Use of Biblical Typology in Winesburg, Ohio: A Treatise on the Waning of Puritanism


"A Careful Rectangle": The Spiritual Journey of Wallace Stegner's Bruce Mason


"To Mark the Sparrow's Fall": The Judeo-Christian Roots of Imagination in Selected Works of Wallace Stegner


Wallace Stegner's Journey into Wilderness


Peter Nabokov's A Forest of Time: American Indian Ways of History


Peter J. Schakel's Imagination and the Arts in C. S. Lewis: Journeying to Narnia and Other Worlds


Amy Laura Hall's Kierkegaard and the Treachery of Love


A Week My Wife Had the Nightshift




The Exiles, a translation from Rafael Pérez Estrada


The Wind


At the Wall


Only Two Cities

Volume 21

The "California Naturalists": Memory as Spiritual Renewal and Other Parallels in London, Norris, and Steinbeck


"One Thing One Did Not Question": The Christian Perspective


Jack London's Allegorical Landscapes: "The God of His Fathers," "The Priestly Prerogative," and The Valley of the Moon


John Steinbeck's "Spiritual Streak"


Bret Harte, Unitarianism, and the Efficacy of Western Humor


Mark Twain: Space, Time, and God, A Messianic Jewish Perspective


Spiritual Values in the Popular Western Novel


Avignon, Mesa Verde, and Cather's The Professor's House


"A Trail in the Sand": Helen Sekaquaptewa's Spiritual Frontier


"War is God": Cormac McCarthy's Early Fiction


Theodore Roethke's "North American Sequence": Religious Awakening in the West


Excerpt from Leap


Spiritual Testing in the Nuclear West


"Stretching Up, Longing for Something Beyond What She Sees": Belief, Metonyomy, and Emily Carr's Northwest Landscapes


Wallace Stegner and Western Spirituality


Born Square: On Being Mormon, Western, and Human


Linda M. Lewis's Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Spiritual Progress


Richard J. Douglass-Chin's Preacher Woman Sings the Blues


David Lyle Jeffrey's People of the Book




Analects (Noir)


A Sweeping Rain


Hunger Moon